The Top Way 2022 Will Look Different for Purchasing Officers and the Top Thing to Do About It Right Now

February 1, 2022- Julie O'Hara

While it appears the worst of the global supply chain problems are behind us, inconsistent production, shipping and delivery of printed promotional and branded products will persist in 2022. Industry leaders like Gartner and Forrester also predict that emphasis on customer experience and personalization will continue to be high, meaning more will be spent on localized marketing initiatives focused on demographics, age and location at the expense of very broad national campaigns.

In 2021, procurement and purchasing officers and the marketing executives to which they report discovered their reliance on printed materials was unsustainable because their expertise in procurement of those items, and the requisite raw materials, was insufficient. As such, the number one thing procurement and purchasing officers are starting to do – and need to do more of is…


Industry leading brands are outsourcing more than IT for good reason. They are dividing procurement into specific categories like indirect procurement for field marketing and sales operations, retail distribution and promotions then engaging the most qualified specialists to partner with.

While corporate teams can provide deeper insights into marketing strategies, they have a lot more on their shoulders, which makes it nearly impossible for them to juggle between checking regular logistics and managing marketing execution of specialized categories such as printed materials. This category requires a lot of oversight from creative services to production and proofing to warehousing and shipping. And, the oversight of this category spans across marketing, procurement (purchasing) and finance, complicating work streams even further.” – Julie O’Hara, VP, Marketing, SupplyLogic

In one example, the University of Massachusetts broke out their procurement needs into 36 specific categories. They then outsourced to category experts, including our team at SupplyLogic, for optimization of marketing execution.

“We’re not just buying technology, we’re buying processes and intelligence that SupplyLogic brings to the table. It allows us to choose from a portfolio of suppliers that can not only provide great products and services, but are also local, diverse, or environmentally-friendly.”  – David Cho, Chief Procurement Officer and Managing Director at the University of Massachusetts

Outsource on brand, on-time with contractually guaranteed savings

SupplyLogic delivers marketing procurement processes and workflows, designed and managed by six sigma process experts. Our technology platform, services and staff are funded by contractual savings agreements. It’s time to bring in the experts for your field marketing and indirect procurement needs, especially printed materials and branded merchandise. Some of the nation’s leading companies and brands including TDAmeritrade, 7-Eleven, US. Foods, Raising Canes and more are scaling marketing efforts, localizing messaging and exceeding their goals by doing so.

Get started wringing the hidden value in your marketing procurement and supply chain by outsourcing to the experts with contractually guaranteed savings right now.

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By Julie O'Hara

As marketing and procurement leaders work to drive results and value for their business, the print and marketing supply chain can be easily overlooked. A small minority of these supply chains are fully optimized – representing a big opportunity for brands to streamline costs and optimize budget allocation.

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