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Leading Finanical Services Insitution, TD Ameritrade, optimizes marketing execution and achieves 48% savings and 3X speed to market

Leading Finanical Services Insitution, TD Ameritrade, optimizes
marketing execution and achieves 48% savings and 3X speed to market



As a financial services innovator, TD Ameritrade is well known for its forward-thinking position in the industry. When TD Ameritrade set out to make transformative impact against their top initiatives, they needed to ensure their teams had all the support they needed to reach their functional goals. A critical component to their teams' success was procurement and execution of timely marketing campaigns and ease of access to sales enablement materials to deliver exceptional, real-time client services. TD Ameritrade recognized that the full scope of expertise and resources required to manage the effectiveness of a high spend and complex category such as printed materials was not core to their business and therefore partnered with SupplyLogic for managed services.

“SupplyLogic took a very deep dive into our operations and offered a comprehensive solution that in addition to delivering substantial spend savings, also added a team of independently minded advocates in a valuable partnership to accelerate our marketing initiatives and optimize our procurement and execution processes.“



– Melissa Cicero, Creative Operations, TD Ameritrade



TD Ameritrade selected SupplyLogic to be their exclusive marketing execution partner. SupplyLogic conducted an assessment across the four fundamental areas of the marketing supply chain: structure, sourcing, process and technology. The assessment offered a comprehensive optimization benchmark analysis defining a custom solution to improve cost savings, speed to market and risk mitigation. The solution benefits included best practices and processes aligned to TD Ameritrade's key initiatives including improved client and associate experience, accelerated revenue growth, organizational effectiveness, focus and continuous innovation.

Tasked with essential marketing operations services such as project management, strategic sourcing, procurement, supplier management, technology and data analytics, SupplyLogic operates as an integral part of the TD Ameritrade team. The team operating from onsite and remote offices, is comprised of transferred TD Ameritrade employees with valuable institutional knowledge and is enhanced by SupplyLogic subject matter experts in print, branded merchandise, and retail signage categories.

“Our partners at TD Ameritrade realized that they could improve internal team performance, reduce costs and accelerate growth initiatives by leveraging a managed services partner for the complex category of print marketing procurement and execution.”

– Phil Schoonmaker, CEO, SupplyLogic




Additional Services

Security modernization infrastructure and a business continuity plan has been implemented to mitigate risk, improve availability and usefulness of data and increase organizational agility and effectiveness. Critical business continuity plans include scalable, flexible infrastructure, backup protection with mirrored production facilities for disaster recovery and business spikes. By migrating and consolidating AdHoc and automated client communications to a centralized enterprise platform, marketing and associate effectiveness increased substantially. Active partner infrastructure security programs established include: Data & Physical Security (SSAE 16 Cert. Soc 2 Type II), Intrusion Prevention, Access Control, Audit Logging & Monitoring, Configuration Management, Education, Training & Awareness, Risk & Incident Management, Network & Wireless Protection, Mobile Device Security, End-Point Protection, Password Management, Third Party Assurance.

Today, TD Ameritrade provides investing and trading services for 11 million client accounts that total more than $1 trillion in assets, and custodial services for more than 6,000 independent registered investment advisors. With clients placing, on average, approximately 500,000 trades each day, it maintains the leadership position it assumed when founder Joe Ricketts opened his doors in Omaha, NE, in 1975. Find out more at