Restaurant Industry Case Study

Raising Cane’s optimizes marketing effectiveness and store opening operations with managed services solution to drive business continuity through rapid growth stage

Raising Cane's optimizes marketing effectiveness and store opening operations
with managed services solution to drive business continuity through rapid growth stage


Driven by a culture of creativity and an ultra-enthusiastic, and growing, customer base Raising Cane’s rapid growth resulted in a decentralized marketing procurement process and more than 30 individual suppliers of print and merchandise assets. Following our optimization assessment, Raising Cane’s engaged SupplyLogic to build and implement a custom marketing managed services program inclusive of e-commerce for swag, in-store print assets and new store launch process supported by four of our own experts embedded within the team. The results: 25% cost reduction in categories with 8% minimum year-over-year productivity commitment, 63% increase in monthly non-food e-commerce in 2 years and a 500% decrease in turnaround times from campaign change requests to execution


Drive efficiency through centralization and automation while maintaining corporate and local marketing initiatives

As a company that has seen tremendous growth in a short period of time, Raising Cane’s was at an inflection point. Their culture of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and internal ownership has fueled their swift rise in the market; however, decentralized procurement was creating growing pains. With each department operating in silos – using different workflows and ordering platforms – Raising Cane’s was ordering from over 30 suppliers across different categories of print and merchandise. There was high inventory carrying costs, no centralized transaction master dataset, inconsistent project management, and difficulty controlling and measuring department spend. This degree of complexity made it challenging for them to focus on their core business while they were experiencing rapid growth.


There was a great opportunity to leverage managed services expertise in marketing fulfillment and execution to scale at cost, reinvest budget in the business growth plan, leverage advanced technology, and improve brand continuity.



After a successful optimization assessment, supplylogic built a custom marketing Managed services solution for raising cane’s. The solution includes:

  • A dedicated onsite account team supported by a national team of shared services, software specialists, business analysts, and pre-certified suppliers.
  • An efficient new store launch process that directly affects revenue top line.
  • A new rewards program administered with HR
  • Single unified e-commerce web portal
  • A single unified e-commerce Web portal allowing Raising Cane’s retail associates across 700+ locations to order all of the branded materials at higher quality, reduced lead times, and lower cost than previously achievable.
  • Create and launch the B2C CANE’S GEAR store featuring branded merchandise and gift cards created a new revenue stream for the business while providing their loyal customers with access to buy from anywhere, anytime.


SupplyLogic provided an onsite team of four marketing procurement and execution experts and technology enabling access to analytics and reporting at a campaign, department, and store level. The specialized account team will recommend further innovations through deep visibility into operational data and by leveraging their broad QSR industry expertise.



In addition to substantial savings on marketing execution costs (initial 25%+ cost reduction in categories with 8% minimum YoY productivity commitment), the solution provides Raising Cane’s with a more focused retail operation – one freed from managing indirect supply orders – and more consistent customer brand experiences.
It also provides real-time performance analytics to Raising Cane’s marketing executives.


Above all, the solution streamlines Raising Cane’s marketing production so that the business can continue its growth trajectory. They have seen monthly non-food e-commerce sales increase by 63% in 2 years and a 500% decrease in turnaround times from campaign change requests to execution. The new rewards program administered by SupplyLogic has also allowed Raising Cane’s HR to keep employee attrition at industry-leading rates of ~50%, with the reduction in turnover saving approximately $2M annually.


By partnering with SupplyLogic and outsourcing to managed services, Raising Cane’s customer loyalty and business have increased exponentially and they can now be confident their brand marketing execution and new store opening processes will scale efficiently and successfully


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