SupplyLogic Optimizes Marketing Supply Chains for Franchisees with User-Friendly Technology and Workflow Automation

April 6, 2022- Julie O'Hara

Businesses spread across hundreds or thousands of locations with unique demographics and business requirements often struggle to optimize their marketing supply chains.

As a technology-enabled marketing execution and managed services provider, SupplyLogic specializes in helping multi-location businesses, including franchisees, get more value from their print, point of sale, and branded merchandise supply chains. SupplyLogic helps franchisees improve efficiencies and cut operating costs by optimizing marketing effectiveness and allowing them more time and resources to strengthen their business.

What does a franchisee relationship with SupplyLogic look like? 

At the core is SupplyLogic’s robust technology platform that includes Brand Store and a customizable e-commerce and order management software that allows materials to be strategically customized while adhering to corporate brand guidelines.

A partnership between SupplyLogic and a franchisee starts with using our portal to review and meet franchisees’ needs – completely automated with no lag time. When an order is placed, it’s automatically tied on the back end to production, seamlessly transitioning from ‘send’ to ‘in production.’

Franchisees can stay ahead of the game, avoiding additional freight costs and allowing more significant cost savings by not having to rush things by grouping orders for events and placing orders in advance. For example, a franchisee might want to host or sponsor a golf event. They can easily order through the portal or email their SupplyLogic Account Manager about golf balls, tees, shirts, pullovers, tee or clubhouse signage, etc. – you get the idea – ensuring all items are secured weeks in advance.

By using the portal, franchisees can anticipate future ordering needs and minimize multiple orders. For instance, you can get an idea of estimated freight by adding one more item to the cart and seeing how freight is affected. Sometimes you can add items without adding freight cost (for instance, 1lb vs. 3lbs) – it’s often more about space than weight. To get the best pricing, franchisees can also speak with their Account Manager to learn more about ordering in optimal quantity.

The portal isn’t your only option if you have an event or specific need. You can always contact your SupplyLogic Account Manager at any time to assist with custom requests or a ‘portal tutorial.’ We also suggest that franchisees, at minimum, commit to a 15-minute quarterly call with your account manager to ensure the highest level of ordering optimization and streamlined operations. We have the resources, ideas and experience to help you make the most out of your promotional assets and print needs.

Want to know more? 

“The SupplyLogic solution has delivered higher location satisfaction by reducing the risk of errors, increasing speed-to-market, and simplifying the overall process for field teams. The corporate marketing team was able to eliminate more than two-thirds of the required supplier interactions. The solution also streamlined the accounting process by reducing the manual orders by 98% and the number of SKUs from 1000+ down to 78 versioned templates.”

Sometimes, franchisees have last minute requests in a time crunch to have custom marketing materials created, printed, and shipped. We’ve got you covered.

In our recent spotlight, we uncover how we worked with a franchisee in California that was in a real time crunch to get custom marketing materials, created, printed, and shipped for a highly specific local event.

“The franchisee was able to get the signage they needed at the quality required in 48 hours, making the event. The SupplyLogic team expedited the timeframe and reduced the total costs of goods, all in a one-stop-shop.”

Are you interested in learning more about how SupplyLogic can drive savings, efficiencies, quality, process improvements, speed and flexibility for your business? Contact SupplyLogic Vice President of Business Development Cindy Lawrence via email – – today.


By Julie O'Hara

As marketing and procurement leaders work to drive results and value for their business, the print and marketing supply chain can be easily overlooked. A small minority of these supply chains are fully optimized – representing a big opportunity for brands to streamline costs and optimize budget allocation.

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