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Denny’s Streamlines Marketing Distribution and Execution with Managed Services Provider



SupplyLogic improves efficiencies and cuts operating costs while supporting franchisee growth. Denny’s was managing their marketing print and distribution internally with nine full-time employees. This marketing team was also responsible for customer experience, which left little time to manage the print production process effectively. This resulted in a lack of organization, excess inventory, and manual data entry. Usage, financials, and other valuable data was not tracked, forcing uninformed decision-making.



Denny’s partnered with SupplyLogic to transition to a more streamlined process using SupplyLogic’s proprietary Brand Store technology for operations, marketing, and training materials. Denny’s was able to close the internal distribution center and redirect the team to spend their time on the restaurant’s core business. The platform provides robust location profiling, local store marketing customization, national campaign support, and a repository for all project-related data and artwork.



The SupplyLogic solution has delivered higher location satisfaction by reducing the risk of errors, increasing speed-to-market, and simplifying the overall process for field teams. The corporate marketing team was able to eliminate more than two-thirds of the required supplier interactions. The solution also streamlined the accounting process by reducing the manual orders by 98% and the number of SKUs from 1,000+ down to 78 versioned templates. The changes resulted in a 28% hard dollar cost savings on printed products and efficiencies that produced significant time savings, allowing Denny’s to reallocate seven internal resources.


Denny’s Corporation is the franchisor and operator of one of America’s largest franchised full-service restaurant chains, based on the number of restaurants. As of December 30, 2020, Denny’s had 1,650 franchised, licensed, and company restaurants around the world. Find out more at