Partnership as a Service: Driving Change & Delivering Unconventional Returns at UMass

November 17, 2021- Julie O'Hara

Can procurement officers and teams be proactive agents of change? Absolutely. UMass and SupplyLogic are showing the way.

Earlier this month, SupplyLogic’s Chief Executive Officer, Phil Schoonmaker, and the University of Massachusetts Chief Procurement Officer, Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) David Cho joined Art of Procurement for a live webinar discussing UMass’ experience of bringing their print, marketing, and branded merchandise spend under management, through a partnership with SupplyLogic.

Phil and David describe their relationship as “partnership as a service.” They built it together, adopting the values of the UMass university system, specifically around global supplier production, diversity-owned suppliers and sustainability.

David shares how the partnership aligns with key outcomes that UMass is striving to achieve, such as:

The partnership has allowed UMass to have more strategic relationships and better governance over their print portfolio across the unique culture of their five campuses and diverse communities.

“Being able to find partners like SupplyLogic is getting harder,” said David. “When you have 17,000 active suppliers, you’re really looking for the folks that are willing to double down, see your vision and invest in the partnership.” 

They address critical challenges in the print category, including the lack of technology and how building a model to support the category internally is extremely difficult.

“Print is a surprisingly complicated category that requires a lot of different aspects in regards to supply chain and procurement, but also marketing,” said Phil. “It’s an emotional category for many companies which adds a layer of complexity to it because you’re interacting in a very personal way with prospects and clients.”

They also explore how to modernize the procurement process by optimizing the sourcing process by making it more proactive, ultimately leading to engagements that deliver unconventional returns allowing procurement officers and teams to reposition themselves as agents of change.

“I love that SupplyLogic is constantly being proactive,” said David. “That sense of urgency is very helpful to keep the pace of things.”

Watch the webinar below!


By Julie O'Hara

As marketing and procurement leaders work to drive results and value for their business, the print and marketing supply chain can be easily overlooked. A small minority of these supply chains are fully optimized – representing a big opportunity for brands to streamline costs and optimize budget allocation.

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