How SupplyLogic Helps Franchisees on a 1:1 Basis on Tight Turnarounds

January 23, 2022- Julie O'Hara

When it comes to marketing optimization and procurement of print, point of sale, and branded merchandise categories, franchisees often struggle to acquire quality products in time to meet promotional campaigns and highly specific local events. Failure to acquire the eye-catching promotional print assets and “swag” often results in loss of sales. 

SupplyLogic specializes in helping national retail and restaurant brands, including franchisees, find more time and resources to strengthen their business. In one recent, specific example, SupplyLogic worked with a Denny’s franchisee in California to cut operating costs while supporting its growth.

The Challenge 

Most national printers that serve high volume retail businesses want to go direct to the rollout with dozens of pieces of point of purchase promotional items to scores of locations. They don’t want to deal with one franchisee that needs four posters in each of just three stores.

With a key promotional event approaching quickly, this particular franchisee’s local print provider looked as if it would be unable to meet critical signage needs, at sufficient quality, in time for the event. Uninterested in their customer’s sales and profit margins, it was becoming clear the backdrop for the event would not be finished in time, and supporting materials like window clings wouldn’t make it on time either.

“This was bad news because in that environment, assets and aesthetics drive attention and sales,” said SupplyLogic Account Manager Aaron Story.

Wisely, they reached out to Aaron for help. Aaron and the SupplyLogic team embraced the opportunity to meet the immediate, local need.

The Solution – Meeting national campaign rollouts with local execution to maximize opportunity

SupplyLogic quickly engaged our national qualified supplier ecosystem and partners to deliver quality products on time, managed by a team of material experts. Marketing supply chain is a core competency at SupplyLogic. While maximum efficiency in marketing procurement and execution comes with optimal volumes, when one location needs a next-day print turn in most parts of the United States, SupplyLogic can execute, hassle-free.

“Our printer in this case, one that excels in tight turn-arounds, got the job done right, right away,” Aaron said. “The courier we hired for delivery executed at half of the cost for SupplyLogic than the franchisee could have negotiated for immediate delivery independently. Whatever the need, come to us to leverage the assets and volume needed when working against fixed, frequently tight, timelines.

“We may print the majority of our clients’ window clings in the Midwest, but if a client needs one in California tomorrow, we can get it done on spec, on quality and shipped tomorrow. And the responsibility for quality remains ours.”

Don’t lean on your local ‘we do it all’ printer. Partner with the marketing procurement experts at SupplyLogic including your dedicated account manager.

The Results

By reaching out to their SupplyLogic Account Manager, the Denny’s franchisee got the signage they needed at the quality required in 48 hours, making the event. The SupplyLogic team expedited the timeframe and reduced the total cost of goods, all in a one-stop-shop. 

“We have had a few last minute requests in a real time crunch to have custom marketing materials not only created, but printed, and shipped,” the franchisee wrote. [That] experience just blew [us] away. Aaron fielded the last second request and not only understood quickly what we were looking for, but was able to work throughout the day to take the request to completion.”

With SupplyLogic, national brands and their franchisees know exactly what they’re getting in their print and promotional needs – in part through our vetted, qualified supplier network – with high level attention to detail, superior quality and on timelines that make the most out of product rollouts and promotional campaign investments.

“We understand some elements of corporate marketing initiatives still depend on individual franchisees for execution,” said SupplyLogic Vice President of Marketing Julie O’Hara said. “We execute on both sides of the equation, franchisees have a liaison like Aaron to execute on corporate directives, attaining specific goals for their business, while the parent company counts on the SupplyLogic holistic solution to meet marketing procurement and execution, including brand governance, from the top down.”

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By Julie O'Hara

As marketing and procurement leaders work to drive results and value for their business, the print and marketing supply chain can be easily overlooked. A small minority of these supply chains are fully optimized – representing a big opportunity for brands to streamline costs and optimize budget allocation.

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