How can CMOs & CPOs Leverage Managed Services to Lead Strategy and Create Value

April 6, 2022- Julie O'Hara

Through marketing procurement and execution of complex indirect print categories, SupplyLogic has catered to businesses to streamline processes, optimizing existing infrastructure, cut down on structural and variable costs, increase savings and allow for greater flexibility and business growth.

Managed Services: Value Creation




Print Solutions: Your operational mainstay

As your business becomes more flexible and adapts to current trends and changes in consumer behavior, there will be an increased need for innovative packing and better printing quality.

Our goal is to provide as much support as your business requires to reduce risk and still be cost-efficient, while ensuring your business reaches its KPIs and strategic business initiatives.


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By Julie O'Hara

As marketing and procurement leaders work to drive results and value for their business, the print and marketing supply chain can be easily overlooked. A small minority of these supply chains are fully optimized – representing a big opportunity for brands to streamline costs and optimize budget allocation.

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