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Assessment Overview

Our optimization assessment prioritizes fundamental improvements to existing systems and user journeys, frees key team resources from manual tasks, quickly advancing their scope toward core business priorities.

Our assessment method analyzes four areas - structure, process, sourcing, and technology - to optimize every level of marketing effectiveness.

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Qualitative Workshop

Develop an understanding of the qualitative aspects of our client’s operating environment through an assessment workshop including:


  • Detailed swim lane process maps for project-related categories
  • Organization design mapping, including roles and responsibilities & interdependencies
  • Current service levels around lead times, quality and customer service
  • Logistics/demand footprint
  • Identify Inventory exposure
  • Evaluate supporting technology

Quantitative Analysis

Develop an understanding of the quantitative aspects of our clients’ enterprise print & branded merchandise spend and operating characteristics. Information & data required:


  • Statement of Work to define scope and desired outcomes for marketing and procurement Excel file from Accounts Payable database for the most recently available trailing 12 months for in-scope categories.
  • Representative set of invoices for key vendors (SupplyLogic can scan these for our clients)
  • Active vendor contracts for all products in scope Current pricing, rate cards, grids used for strategic sourcing

If there’s room to optimize your marketing supply chain, our assessment will find it.


Marketing Effectiveness

Demonstrating the before and after state of optimization based on SupplyLogic’s assessment and implementation of best practices and services.


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