"We are obsessed with optimizing the most complex marketing supply chains in the world.”

Phil Schoonmaker

– CEO SupplyLogic


Our Mission

SupplyLogic is dedicated to helping companies find more time and resources to strengthen their business.


About Us

Founded in 2004, SupplyLogic is an Inverness Graham Portfolio Company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. SupplyLogic is a leader in technology-enabled managed services for complex brands, optimizing marketing effectiveness and procurement of the print, point of sale and branded merchandise categories. Services include program and supplier management, strategic sourcing, fulfillment, execution, and technology integration. SupplyLogic is dedicated to helping organizations find more time and resources to strengthen their business.


About Inverness Graham

Headquartered in Newtown Square, PA, Inverness Graham is an operationally focused private investment firm that has raised over $1 billion of capital since its inception. Inverness Graham acquires innovative tech-enabled manufacturing, service and software companies. Founded by senior executives of the Graham Group, an alliance of independent operating businesses, investment firms and philanthropic entities, Inverness Graham brings unparalleled resources developed over a 50-year operating history to support portfolio companies. Inverness Graham partners with businesses to provide the financial and operational support necessary to accelerate growth while enabling owners to achieve their key liquidity objectives. To learn more, visit:


Management Team

Senior Leadership Team


Our Values

We are maintaining a culture of trust through honest, ethical and fair communication with one another, our customers and our shareholders.


Diversity & Inclusion
We respect the thoughts, backgrounds and feelings of others. We embrace diversity and inclusion and reward those who exemplify our core values.


We accept full responsibility for our actions, decisions and results and are accountable to deliver on our commitments to each other and to our customers. We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in all the work that we do.


We are diligent in operating our Company efficiently and with resourcefulness and constraint, we create innovative offerings that maximize value for our Customers and shareholders.


Corporate Social Responsibility
We are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship that align our people to our values; incorporate sustainability into the solutions that we build for our customers; and give back to our local communities.


Supplier Management
SupplyLogic operates with a priority to maintain our corporate values and those of our clients, with a diverse supplier panel that values integrity, transparency, sustainability, MWBE, diversity and inclusion. SupplyLogic’s supplier panel of partners offers the best quality, service levels and rate guarantees in accordance with a total 401-point SupplyLogic custom audit.


Ensuring that our clients are offered market-leading sustainable solutions has now become the standard in our offered services. We have worked together closely with our suppliers and partners to reach these goals, by digitizing our operational processes and innovating new eco-friendly material substitutes for print and promotional materials. We will ensure products are sourced and produced responsibly, while also helping our clients to look at more sustainable forms of consumption.

We are committed to responsible consumption and production by reducing the material footprint of the products we purchase and supply. Our environmental targets recognize the carbon associated with the production of these products, and we will also work to ensure that the goods and services we provide contribute to a circular economy. By promoting sustainable product choices, we can assess the impact of marketing programs on natural resources and seek to minimize these. As part of our Supplier Code of Conduct all suppliers agree to these standards and are scored against them as part of the onboarding process. We will take measures to ensure compliance with the policy and seek to give preference to those suppliers who can balance commercial requirements with the ability to demonstrably meet SupplyLogic's sustainable sourcing standards. If suppliers are found to be contravening our 401-point audit and standards, SupplyLogic will engage with them to improve practices and/or re-evaluate our relationship with them.


Our Commitment

  • Gold standard in client services
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Cultural alignment
  • Category optimization
  • Tech-enabled solutions with automation and workflows to improve efficiency
  • Delivering innovation with purpose
  • Creating sustainable value
  • Transparency and trust in partnership