8 Ways SupplyLogic Helps Marketers Optimize Print and Promo Sourcing and Execution

April 6, 2022- Julie O'Hara

A Managed Services Provider, like SupplyLogic, can help marketers optimize operations, free up time and reduce budgets so that there is more focus and funding to what is core to your business.

  1. Brand Control – Improve consistency in branding and messaging across locations and buyer demographics, which leads to increased brand equity while enabling customization to suit local requirements.
  2. Improved speed to market – Increase the speed of execution and leverage a network of experts to launch, manage and execute operations quickly.
  3. Scalability – When businesses are looking to open new stores or work within a franchise model, SupplyLogic can help provide a structured approach to launch operations quickly. Business continuity plans, a ‘one brand store’ approach, and a robust technology platform can help scale businesses rapidly with minimum involvement from the central/internal marketing team.
  4. Better utilization of marketing budgets – The brands that have adopted managed services are known to save considerably on their execution costs, anywhere from 15-35% in year one and upward from there. Reserve marketing budget and marketing operations resources to work on creative and strategic campaigns rather than managing suppliers and the complex workflows involved in the ordering and execution of printed materials.
  5. Single point of contact – In an MSP partnership with SupplyLogic, you gain print and promo sourcing and program management experts. You will be appointed a dedicated account team to work onsite or remote depending on your preference and have access to all shared services including a proprietary technology platform, custom features specific to your team’s needs and business, 24×7 support, and our elite supplier network and guaranteed volume discount pricing. Account teams work with your cross-functional teams to deliver on KPIs,  backed by SLAs and governance.
  6. A digital repository of your marketing assets for ease of access and ensured compliance, mitigating brand risk – Your corporate and field teams, partners and vendors, will have a one-stop shop for all digital branded materials, print materials, opening materials, campaign launch guidelines, and other digital assets on-demand. User-based access will also ensure the correctness of assets and provide accountability.
  7. Best in class suppliers with proven track records – SupplyLogic provides you with experienced category management professionals with strong cross-industry expertise. With best-in-class suppliers, whom we manage on your behalf – you manage only one contract and gain the advantage of our pricing, quality, and SLAs.
  8. Higher visibility & control – Most importantly, we offer you greater visibility and control over your brand journey through an outsourced, technology-enabled approach.

Find out how you stack up against your peers with our quick health check.

As a follow-up to your health check, we’ll conduct a free assessment of your optimization level in these categories:

SupplyLogic Benchmark Analysis

At SupplyLogic, we bring superior services to marketers by improving print and promo sourcing, geo-local and demographic-based marketing execution, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and improving brand compliance and speed to market. We leverage a unified platform to streamline workflows and develop service level agreements and processes, all to help you work as efficiently as possible and requiring less resources, time and budget. This model is an excellent solution for businesses that spend > $3M in these categories annually.

SupplyLogic Benchmark Analysis

By Julie O'Hara

As marketing and procurement leaders work to drive results and value for their business, the print and marketing supply chain can be easily overlooked. A small minority of these supply chains are fully optimized – representing a big opportunity for brands to streamline costs and optimize budget allocation.

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